Making It Through the Holidays When You're In That Dark Place of Depression 

James Donaldson 
Author of Celebrating Your Gift of Life: 
From The Verge of Suicide to a Life of Purpose and Joy
 My New Ebook Is Now Available... Free To You During The Holidays
Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and so much more...
Making it through the holidays when you're suffering from mental health challenges isn't easy.

This handy ebook is filled with helpful tips to help you enjoy your holidays as best you can.
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James has faced the challenges in his life with strength and courage. His story can help others dealing with strife face their challenges with same courage he has. I highly recommend reading his book.

Joseph Patrick McGivney
President JP McGivney Company
President JJC Ventures Corp

Reader testimonial
James Donaldson is a business entrepreneur, author, professional speaker and former NBA All-Star.

Currently he is the executive director for his non-profit foundation, Your Gift of Life Foundation and is an advocate and voice for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

He's a current board member with NAMI - Seattle (National Alliance for Mental Illness)
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